NHS Treatments


We offer expert orthodontic care and clinical advice for children. Having a wonderful smile can boost confidence in educational years and give children a head start for the future.

NHS treatment is offered to patients under eighteen years of age and whose bite discrepancy meets clearly defined NHS criteria. NHS treatment is free except for replacement of lost or broken appliances. If your dentist has referred you for an NHS assessment, we will be able to inform you on your first visit whether you are eligible for NHS treatment. You can also contact us directly for an NHS assessment. Our receptionist will be able to inform you of any current waiting times. These do vary from time to time.

If NHS funding is not available for your child, we can provide a variety of private treatment options which offer flexibility of appointment times and a range of different aesthetic braces.

The cost of private treatment for your child can be tailored to their needs. View our treatment fees page for further information.

Fixed Silver Braces

Today’s modern silver braces are less obtrusive, slim line and comfortable to wear. You can choose to have different coloured elastic ties on them for individuality, or just fun. They are reliable and achieve excellent results.

Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are sometimes used as an adjunt to fixed appliances. One type of removable appliance is the Twinblock functional appliance, worn on the upper and lower teeth. This is used during growth of the jaws to correct the prominence of the upper teeth and improve the way the teeth bite together.

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