Private Treatments

  Private treatment is becoming increasingly popular and affordable. We offer private orthodontic treatment for adults and children. With new advances in materials and techniques, patients have a choice from a range of the latest invisible and aesthetic appliances. Other benefits of private treatment include no waiting lists and flexible appointment times to suit out of school or after work.

Contact us directly or alternatively ask your dentist to send a referral for an initial assessment for yourself or your child. You can email us at or call us on 01323 500365 for further information.

It is never too late to have orthodontic treatment. We can straighten misaligned or overcrowded teeth at any age to give you that great smile which will make you feel and look fantastic.
Lingual Invisible Braces - (Incognito or Harmony)

Lingual braces bonded onto the inside surfaces of the teeth are the only true invisible braces.

The Incognito appliance is the very latest advance in lingual orthodontics. The cast-gold brackets are custom made for each individual tooth. Being cast-gold, they have low profile giving them a high rating for comfort. This is combined with custom made arch wires precision bent in the laboratory according to treatment needs to achieve the optimum result.
(We also offer a silver stainless steel lingual appliance with the same modality of custom made brackets and archwires.)

Fixed Clear/Aesthetic Braces

These consist of clear or tooth coloured brackets. They are discreet, comfortable and give the same excellent results. This aesthetic option is a favourite for adults and children.

Radiance Brackets - made from a single pure grown sapphire crystal, the second hardest mineral known to man. Each crystal is honed and heat polished into a superbly smooth, incredibly clear and astoundingly strong bracket. Once bonded, it is nearly invisible on the tooth.

Damon Clear Brackets. - The Damon Clear have the added advantage of being self ligating and not having any elastic tie round them, which can sometimes pick up certain food colourings. There is less friction enhancing tooth movement.

Clear Aligners

These are clear aligners that are discreet and nearly invisible. A series of custom made clear acrylic aligners that gradually move the teeth into the desired position. They are not worn when eating, drinking, cleaning teeth or contact sports. Clear aligners are not suitable for everyone and for certain tooth movements as they do not have the precise control of fixed appliances. There are many types of aligners on the market.

Fixed Silver Braces

Today’s modern silver braces are less obtrusive, slim line and comfortable to wear. You can choose to have different coloured elastic ties on them for individuality, or just fun. They are reliable and achieve excellent results.

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